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Al-Du`a Al-Mustajab: 24 Ways to an Accepted Supplication

(Based on an article originally in Arabic that can be found here .) 1. Make your du`a (supplication) sincerely to Allah Most High, knowing that such a...
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"Here I am, O Allah..."

We are in the blessed  season of Hajj, the holy pilgrimage to Mecca, and the season of talbiyah - that special prayer on every pilgrim’s lips when the...
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Supplications for the Oppressed

In honor of the global qiyam (night prayer and supplication) being held tonight in many Muslims communities in the United States and worldwide for the...
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The Spring of My Heart

Spring is such a lovely season... a time of freshness, color, beauty and growth.  Flowers begin to bud and blossom, birds return home to sing their so...
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