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Cookies & Gratitude

This week I'll be sharing two lovely tidbits I've come across relating to Arab culture and its generous spirit.   The first is a quote from Susan Abulhawa's novel Mornings in Jenin , as one character struggles with expressing in English what is commonly said in Arabic: I've experienced this many times in my time in the Arab world; even when giving ...
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Dar al-Uloom

Dar al-Uloom was founded in 1871 in Cairo, Egypt.  It is both an Islamic and modern secondary educational institution.  It began as a means to introduce those in mosque colleges to new knowledge emanating from the West.  In 1946, it was incorporated into Cairo University and the faculty is delegated to offer B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in the Arab...
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Al-Azhar University

Al-Azhar University was founded in Cairo, Egypt around 970-972 by the Fatimid dynasty of Egypt, descended from Fatimah, daughter of Muhammad.  Fatimah was called Az-Zahra (the brilliant) and the university was named in her honor.  After the victory of Sultan Salahudin in his ruling over Egypt in the 12th century, Al-Azhar was reinstituted from a Sh...
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