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An Attitude of Gratitude

I came across this lovely image on Pinterest the other day:     SubhanAllah , this is such a Quranic concept, as we are told in the Quran:   Allah pro...
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Focusing the Heart in Prayer: A Beautiful Benefit of Learning Arabic

In his great seminal work, Ihya Ulum al-Din (Revival of the Religious Sciences), the luminary scholar Imam al-Ghazali discusses some of the deeper and...
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If you are heedless...

  Once when I lived in Damascus a few years ago, I saw a lovely poem written on a mosque wall, which I noted down on a small piece of paper.   Recentl...
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Celebrities love Arabic too!

  Arabic and Arabic script has become something of a trend these days, even among celebrities.  Here are some famous celebrities with Arabic tattoos a...
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Arabic Logos, American Names! (Answers)

Here are the answers to last week's post!   How many did you end up getting right? 1. Tide Super Plus (Laundry Detergent) 2. Ikea 3. Rolex 4. McDonald...
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Arabic Logos, American Names!

For better or worse, you will find tons of American and European products and companies in Arabic-speaking countries.   Can you recognize these famous...
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Wise Words from Imam Shafi'i

  No sadness lasts forever, nor any felicity   Nor any state of poverty or one of luxury.   If you are the owner of a heart that is content   Then you...
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Concise But Full of Meaning - The Prophet's Words

  One of the special gifts the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) was graced with was jawami al-kalim - speech that was concise, yet c...
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Advice From the Grave (!)

Advice Written on a Grave

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Arabic Graffiti - Calligraphy's Newest Form

Arabic calligraphy has always been an esteemed art form in Islamic civilization, adorning the walls of mosques and centers of learning throughout the ...
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