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7 Mind-Blowing Scientific Facts Mentioned In The Quran

b2ap3_large_scientific_miracles_in_quran-1 Umm Nuh | Studio Arabiya Blog

According to Islamic tradition, the Quran was first revealed to Muhammad in 609 CE. Over the next two decades, new surahs were dictated to Muhammad by the angel Gabriel, who was delivering the exact words of God himself. Muhammad's final meeting with Gabriel came in 632 CE. He died in June of that year.

Despite being revealed in a time and place where scholarship was of little concern, the Quran contains a number of interesting scientific facts. These scientific facts were not known to the people of Muhammad's era. In fact, a number of them have only been discovered in the past 100 years.

Many people present the Quran's advanced scientific knowledge as undeniable proof of Muhammad's prophethood. However, we don't want to make that decision for our readers. Instead, we will present you with the most noteworthy scientific facts discussed in the Quran - a book produced 14 centuries ago - and allow you to draw your own conclusions.

Here are seven scientific facts mentioned in the Quran.

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10 Quick & Easy Suhoor Ideas for Ramadan

Suhoor, or the meal early in the morning before beginning your fast, is a very important meal during Ramadan.  Muslims all around the world wake up before the Fajr prayer, at dawn, to eat before beginning their hours of fasting.  What you eat and drink for Suhoor determines how easy (or difficult) the rest of the fasting day will be, how hungry you are, and how thirsty you will be until you can eat and drink again at sunset.  Eating a healthy, hearty meal, that includes a good source of protein and nutrients, is so important and will help your body handle the fasting hours.

We have put together a list of 10 Quick & Easy Suhoor ideas you can make for Ramadan!

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Do You Want to Finally Understand Quran?

quranic arabic to read and understand

Ramadan comes and Ramadan goes with long nights of standing and reading or listening to the words of Allah. How many times have you stood reading the Quran and not known what you were reciting? You may have read pages and pages of words, but what do they mean? What is Allah saying to us? Can you understand the Quran without having to read the translation in your own native language?

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5 Easy and Fun Decorating Ideas for Ramadan

Decorating for Ramadan is a fun way to build the enthusiasm for the pending month-long Muslim holiday. Each country and culture has their own way to getting their home ready for Ramadan, and with Pinterest and other social media platforms, the ideas are endless.
Here are some of our favorite ideas for decorating for Ramadan!

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Ramadan is Coming, Are You Ready?

b2ap3_large_preparing-for-ramadan Umm Nuh | Studio Arabiya Blog

It's that time of the year again. The blessed month of Ramadan, full of reading Quran, making lots of Du'aa, fasting, cooking, and daily trips to the masjid. It's a time that many Muslims look forward to, counting the days and months until this blessed month arrives. However fast or slow it comes, and inshAllah it comes for us all, some people are just not prepared for the long days of fasting, the busy time in the kitchen, preparing meals for your family and friends, and the feeling that there's just not enough time for ibaadah, as you cater towards your family and children. With a little bit of mental preparation and setting your intention to make this your best Ramadan ever, you will be ready once that first day of Ramadan comes.

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Studio Arabiya's Annual 9th International Quran Competition

Studio Arabiya's annual 9th International Quran Competition is here and our judges are getting ready! Every year, Studio Arabiya has hosted an online International Quran Competition for students and the general public during or after Ramadan. This co...
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Prepare for Ramadan - a Complete Checklist for 2019

  3+ MONTHS BEFORE: Start reading Quran daily - get into a routine to read everyday Learn Arabic - Ramadan is a month that the entire Quran is read in prayers in the Arabic language. If you don't understand the language, begin learning, so you c...
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10 Ways to Help You Memorize Quran This Year

1. Make the sincere intention to memorize the Quran Allah's Messenger said: "Certainly, Allah does not look at your shapes (appearance) or wealth. But He only looks at your hearts and deeds." [Al-Bukhari and Muslim] 2. Write down your goal that you w...
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Learning Arabic Takes Time

  As I was browsing the Internet last night, I was surprised at the many websites - for teaching Arabic as well as other languages - claiming that they can teach you a language in an amazingly short time.  Some claim that in just a few days or weeks, you could KNOW the language.  I guess 'knowing' a language could be interpreted in different ways, ...
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Appreciating Arabic: Three Letter Roots

  One of the many neat things a student of Arabic will first learn about the language is that many of its words can be traced back to a triliteral root.  This means that there are usually three base letters from which different words emanate and are derived.  The words that share these letters may have different meanings, but they are connected ‘at...
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A 'Native Speaker' Doesn't Guarantee a Good Teacher

  Searching for the right language teacher for your Arabic studies can, at first, seem very easy.  Search online and you'll see Arabic classes taught by 'Native Speakers' all over the place, ready to teach you the language.  Because there are over 300 million native Arabic speakers in the world, does that mean that you can just choose any of those ...
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The Traditional Fanoos and DIY Ramadan Lanterns

In many Muslim countries, particularly Egypt, it is common to decorate for Ramadan with a fanoos (plural: fawanees ). These traditional lanterns are made from metal and often have multi-colored glass and beautiful and unique shapes and patterns....
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I Speak Arabic!

Unfortunately, Islamophobia is on the rise these days and with it, an increased suspicion of the Arabic language itself. Instead of being seen as the everyday language of hundreds of millions of people across many countries, including Christians and ...
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Studio Arabiya Review at

Studio Arabiya has been reviewed on the website  by Shannen, a homeschooling, Muslim convert mom. Overview of Shannen's Review: "I can say both Care Bear and I are very happy with Studio Arabiya at this point, alhamdulilah. I like that it is one thing off my plate, and it motivates me to get to a point where I can take a class...
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Studio Arabiya Review at

Studio Arabiya has been reviewed on the website by best-selling author and solopreneur, Ponn Sabra. As stated in her introduction : " Our journey to find the best, most affordable live distance learning or in-person Qur’an and Arabic Programs have lasted for MANY years. Subhan Allah, Glory be to Allah, Studio Arabiya connected...
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3 New Years Resolutions for 2013

Originally posted December 28, 2011 2013 is right around the corner!  Many people make a resolution or two to hold throughout the year and most of them fail.  Some fail before they even begin.  The usual trends are to lose weight, eat healthier, pick up a hobby, give up a bad habit.  These are important to work on, but this year, let's try to pick ...
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StudioArabiya's New Classroom!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم StudioArabiya's New Classroom The new StudioArabiya classroom has a lot to offer you. No matter what you are studying, no matter your level, you will see drastic class quality improvements. Our new classroom setup takes online learning to the next level. Shared whiteboards in which you and your teacher can see each other whil...
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Join Us at the ISNA Annual Conference this year!

Studio Arabiya is excited to be spending the weekend in Washington DC at the ISNA 49th Annual Convention . Visit booth 223 to meet us, get free stuff and sign up for a free one-week trial!  

Interview at

Recently, one of the co-founders of Studio Arabiya, Stacy, was interviewed by Sakyna Magazine , a collaborative magazine centered on mindful Islamic natural living, nurturing, and crafting through the seasons. The editor and writer, Dalecia Young, started taking classes with Studio Arabiya a couple months ago and was so happy with the service,...
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Studio Arabiya was recently interviewed by a staff member of  as a part of the "Muslims Making a Difference" series.  The interview covers the background and history of starting up Studio Arabiya, our goals for the online Quran and Arabic program, as well as some insights to what goes on behind the scenes and more!   My instructor wa...
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