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In honor of the global qiyam (night prayer and supplication) being held tonight in many Muslims communities in the United States and worldwide for the people of Syria, I thought to share some of the following supplications. These are prayers for the oppressed that can be used tonight and at all times for our brothers and sisters in the deepest of oppression and difficulty the world over. May Allah help them and relieve them of their suffering, Ameen.

اللهم فرج عن أمة محمد أللهم ارحم أمة محمد اللهم أصلح أمة محمد

'Allahumma aslih ummata Muhammad. Allahumma farrij `an ummati Muhammad. Allahumma Rham ummata Muhammad [salla Allahu `alayhi wa sallam.]

O Allah, improve the state of the ummah (community) of Muhammad. O Allah, grant ease to the ummah of Muhammad. O Allah, have mercy on the ummah of Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him.)

Allahumma farrij hamm al-mahmumeen min al-muslimeen.

O Allah, grant relief and ease to the distressed from the Muslims. Ameen.

Allahumma, farrij 'an Suriya.

O Allah, grant relief and ease to Syria. Ameen.

O Lord, by holding on to Your most gracious rope,
We bind it to our faith, and knot it to our hope.

So stand for us today, don't counter what we try,
Forsake us not, O Lord, the blinking of an eye.

We're powerless to stop this onslaught of their force,
Or strategize to benefit our country's course.

We seek no good except what flows from Your wide door
And yearn for grace that comes from Your unending more.

From The Prayer of the Oppressed by Imam Muhammad al-Dar'i

May Allah accept your and our supplications and prayers, Ameen.

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Monday, May 29 2023
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