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This week I'll be sharing two lovely tidbits I've come across relating to Arab culture and its generous spirit.   The first is a quote from Susan Abulhawa's novel Mornings in Jenin, as one character struggles with expressing in English what is commonly said in Arabic:

I've experienced this many times in my time in the Arab world; even when giving someone a simple glass of water, they would pray for me in return that I drink from the Spring of  Zamzam in Makkah on the holy pilgrimage!  It is such a beautiful etiquette, that shows how ingrained prayer and God consciousness is in traditional Arab culture, as well as a spirit of generosity and warmth.

The next 'tidbit' is from Palestinian-American poet Naomi Shihab Nye.  (To read more from her, you can check out one of her nicest poetry collections,Words Under the Words.Here is her short story entitled, "Gate 4-A"  about her experiences at an airport helping an elderly Palestinian woman, and in turn remembering her roots and finding some lost hope in humanity.

Makes you want to eat some ma'mool cookies and drink tea in some good company, doesn't it? :)  But don't forget to say to the one who made them, instead of a simple thank you, "Jazak Allahu khayran" (May God reward you with good), "Yaslamu yadayk" (May God protect and bless your hands), or "Barak Allahu feek" (God bless you.)

See you next week!

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Guest - Eriyow on Friday, September 13 2013 20:44

Congra 4 good service

Congra 4 good service
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