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9 Tips To Avoid The “Summer Slide”

9 Tips To Avoid The “Summer Slide”

9 Tips to avoid the "Summer Slide"
Summer is here but what’s your plan to avoid the “summer slide”? We’ve got 9 tips for you!

Summer learning loss – or “summer slide” – is a real thing: when summer comes around and we take a break from our studies, even for a short time, we tend to lose some of the good habits or sometimes even knowledge that we have acquired during the school year. How can we prevent this from happening and still enjoy some summer relaxation? Here are 9 tips to avoid the summer slide and still have fun!


9 Tips To Avoid The “Summer Slide”

Tip #1: Set your intention right

When we start something, we should always say “bismillah” (i.e. we begin with the name of Allah SWT) and have the intention in our heart to do this thing for the sake of Allah SWT alone. This will help you fill this endeavor with barakah (blessing) from Allah SWT.


Tip #2: Be ready to put in the work

If you want to avoid summer learning loss, understand that you will need to put in some work on your end. Conscious and consistent efforts have to be aligned with your expectations: do you want to just retain what you have learned this past year? Then you will need to review what you have learned this year. Do you want to learn new things based on what you have already learned this year? Then you might need to take a new class or do extra research on top of just reviewing previous content. With the help of Allah SWT, the results at the end of the summer will be up to the level of effort you have put in throughout the season.


Tip #3: Plan your summer

Once you have set your intention and you are ready to roll up your sleeves to counter the summer slide, now is the time to actually plan your summer accordingly. We do not recommend having more than three summer goals so as to maximize the chances for success insha’Allah. As you plan your summer, be realistic about your time and think about any special activities coming up such as weddings, summer camps for your kids if you have any, or trips.


Tip #4: Establish a study space

Along with setting a clear summer plan, make sure that you have a good study space to execute your plan. A clutter-free, quiet and distraction-free area is usually the best, although people have different needs and abilities when it comes to studying, so try a few things and see what works best for you. A desk in your bedroom? A corner in your living room? A good pair of headphones in a busy café? A study room at the local library? A mix of all four depending on the day? There is no rule: if it helps you study seriously and consistently, go for it!


Tip #5: Take summer classes

For some of us, studying independently without any actual accountability other than ourselves can feel daunting and overwhelming. If that is your case, set yourself up for success and consider taking a summer class. If you are currently enrolled in college or at a university, you can look into their options. You can also check with your local library as many have special summer programs even for adults. If you are into Islamic studies, ask your local mosque or check out our online classes in Arabic, Quran and Islamic Studies at! Our one-on-one classes are available 24/7 with flexible rescheduling to fit your needs.


Tip #6: Talk with your teacher(s)

Sometimes, we forget that learning takes two: a student and a teacher. If you are worried about summer learning loss, talk to your teacher about it if you haven’t already. They can give you tips and tricks to avoid too much regression, or maybe even give you some special summer homework and practice to keep up with your studies. It is always important to have open communication with your teacher so that everyone is on the same page regarding your goals, learning strengths and challenges, and progress.


Tip #7: Find a study buddy

Perhaps all you need is a bit of encouragement and motivation from a peer. Look around you: is there a relative, friend or maybe coworker who is also concerned about the dreaded summer slide? They don’t have to be taking the same class(es) as you or even the same subject. The idea is that you could both be accountable to each other, making it more motivating to put in the efforts needed to stay intellectually active over the summer. Check in on each other about reviewing past lessons, doing homework, and even going beyond what you have learned this past school year by reading news articles in Arabic if you are taking an Arabic class for instance.


Tip #8: Chill!

Yes, summer learning loss is a thing, but it is not irreversible. So even if you are not able to implement the tips above, you will still be okay insha’Allah, you will just need to work a bit more when you go back to school after summer break!


Tip #9: Make dua’!

If you have read our previous magazine editions or even our many blog posts, you already know what we are going to say here: never underestimate the power of dua’! Keep making dua’. Start the summer with dua’, end the summer with dua’, and ask Allah SWT for His help to succeed with your summer plan in a way that is beneficial for your life in this world and in the Hereafter insha’Allah.


May Allah SWT put barakah (blessing) in your time and efforts with your summer plan, ameen!


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