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5 Ideas for A Deen-Focused Summer

5 Ideas for A Deen-Focused Summer

5 Ideas For A Deen-Focused Summer
Here are 5 ideas for a deen-focused summer!

Here’s to another summer break!!! Summer usually means vacation, a forgotten routine and laid-back schedule, which most of us thoroughly enjoy after the long school year! But it’s also easy to fall into the trap of becoming lazy when it comes to our deen or learning in general. We feel like we have so much time to get to those things but the summer will be over before we know it. Here are just 5 ideas for a deen-focused summer, to make the most of this fun season!


5 Ideas for A Deen-Focused Summer


Idea #1: Enjoy our FREE Arabic activities

Getting your child to learn Arabic can feel daunting, especially if you do not speak the language yourself (although sometimes it’s even more challenging for native speakers!). But there are many simple ways for your whole family to learn together. You can make it a fun, bonding time insha’Allah without taking too much of your limited time. We have plenty of Arabic activities that you can download for free from our student portal (which you can create for free). From activity books to word puzzles to nature scavenger hunts and more! And we will be adding more throughout the summer insha’Allah! Head over now to and find what you need!


Idea #2: Build a daily habit of Quran reading as a family

It doesn’t need to be long. Remember that it’s better to do something small but consistently rather than something big rarely. It could be just 30 or 15 minutes a day, but make sure that Quran is on everyone’s schedule and that everyone will be available at that time. You can then decide, as a family, what you want this special time to look like. It can be sitting in a circle and taking turns to recite – each at their own pace, everyone in their room reading or reciting on their own.

Can’t find a time that works for everyone every day? That’s okay! We get it, just make sure to check in with everyone and give them friendly reminders. Perhaps over the weekend you can find a bit of time to make this happen insha’Allah.


Idea #3: Get involved with the local mosque

Mosques usually have plenty of opportunities for people of all ages to get involved by volunteering, especially for teens. It could be helping move furniture around, assisting with the food pantry, or giving some time to their outreach activities. If there are no Islamic institutions around you, try to find a local nonprofit that carries a cause in line with our Islamic values and principles. It could be a refugee center, an environmental organization or a soup kitchen for instance. This can be a great opportunity for bonding time with your child, especially teenagers, and for modeling community engagement to them.


Idea #4: Organize a Hajj simulation

We are blessed again this year to see Dhull Hijjah align with our summer break alhamdulillah! In a couple years, it will be during the school year, so let’s make the most of it again this year insha’Allah. Hajj is set to begin on the evening of June 14 insha’Allah, which is a perfect opportunity to set up a Hajj simulation for children insha’Allah. There are many ideas you can find online. The easiest way to go about it is to have it outdoors (weather permitting) and set up one station for each step or ritual of Hajj. Don’t forget a “get your passport and visa” station at the beginning!


Idea #5: Think about a flexible summer camp

Have you been thinking about enrolling your child in an Arabic, Quran and/or Islamic Studies camp this summer, but are worried about having to stick to a strict schedule when kids are on school break and you have a trip planned? Our Online Islamic Summer Camp will be perfect for them insha’Allah! Learn more and enroll at 


May Allah SWT grant you and your family a blessed and successful summer break, ameen!


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