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4 Ways Our Arabic Games Make Learning Better For Kids

4 Ways Our Arabic Games Make Learning Better For Kids

Over the last few decades and especially the last few years, a lot of research has been done on learning methods. As far as children are concerned, and especially when they are young, the best way for them to learn is through play.

Play-based learning can most definitely also apply to learning a language like Arabic! This is why play is an integral part of our Arabic classes for kids. Including in our activity center which complements the lessons they do with their teacher. So, how exactly do games help children learn Arabic better? Let’s have a look: here are just 4 ways that our Arabic learning games can help kids with Arabic learning!

Arabic vocabulary game
Kids will listen to new Arabic vocabulary with fun, interactive pictures.

Games spark their interest

Whether your child likes Legos, pretend play or car racing. They will find what fills up their interest and curiosity with our Arabic games! From building Arabic letters with Legos, to making puzzles, to speeding on the race track, to playing detective and finding the missing Arabic letter. Kids always enjoy doing Arabic games in our activity center. This is because it speaks to their interest and makes it more enjoyable for them to learn Arabic.

Arabic racing game
Kids will learn Arabic while racing cars!

Multiple senses are being solicited at once

Studies have shown that kids learn better if multiple senses are solicited at the same time for a same task. Therefore, using multiple sensory approaches at once help with learning. This is why our Arabic games use multiple sensory avenues. For instance, looking at and reading Arabic letters, words and sentences on the screen, and listening to letters, words and sentences in Arabic, while using the mouse and/or keypad to move virtual objects on screen will contribute to a better learning experience for our students.

Holmes On A Mission Arabic Game
Visual letter recognition, listening to and sounding out letters properly and clicking: three sensory levels used at once to improve the learning experience.

Games for kids will improve their pronunciation

Our Arabic games include voice overs that have been recorded by native Arabic speakers. This means that, when kids play these games, they will hear the proper pronunciation of Arabic words. They will also hear how the language sounds in general. Listening to native Arabic speakers is the best way to learn how to sound out Arabic letters and then words correctly. Thanks to our Arabic games, this learning is happening without kids even realizing it!

Games encourage learning in subtle ways

Many kids can be reluctant about sitting at a desk and doing worksheets or drilling. Especially if they go to a traditional school and already spend their days doing that. But kids are always ready to play games, right? When kids can learn through games, it makes their learning experience much more enjoyable. They are then more likely to retain information. Which they will absorb in subtler ways. This is especially true for kids under 7 years old. Below this age, kids thrive with play-based learning. You will not have to fight them over doing language practice anymore!

Want to see our Arabic games for kids in action? Click HERE and let your child try this Arabic Letters game for FREE! This game and many more are available in our Arabic Courses For Kids.

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