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Islam consists of five pillars: Ash-Shahadah (the testimony), As-Salah (the prayer), Az-Zakah (alms-giving), As-Sawm (fasting, during the month of Ram...
Prayer is one of the most important aspects of Islam. Besides being a religious obligation, it is also a beautiful means to attain internal peace and ...
Word puzzles are a great way to learn new Arabic vocabulary, increase linguistic fluency, and even improve concentration! Download our FREE Spring Word Search and enjoy the colorful spring days in an educational way! A fun and FREE activity to do as a family!
There are so many reasons why Arabic is a great language for your child to start learning early on. Besides being the language of the Quran, the Book ...
Looking for a fun spring activity in Arabic for your child that will also allow you both to enjoy the outdoors more? Download our FREE Spring Treasure Hunt!  Click on the button below to download our Spring Treasure Hunt, print it and enjoy a colorful spring activity! :-) 
Looking for activities in Arabic to make Eid even more fun for your child? Download our FREE Eid Treasure Hunt!   Our Ramadan Treasure Hunt met great success - THANK YOU! Click on the button below to download our Eid Treasure Hunt, print it and save it for the special day of festivities! 

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