* Friend must enroll in 10 hrs/month or more. If enrolled in less than 10 hrs/month, then the reward for each will be $5.



Tell your friends about Studio Arabiya Institute.


Your friend signs up and receives $10 in credit towards tuition.


You earn $15 credit after your friend completes their 1st month of classes.

Faq Referral

  • How do I get started?

    Fill out the sign up form and you will be provided with a referral code that can be used to

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  • How will referrals be awarded?

    Referrals will be awarded via account credit.

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  • How do I earn the account credit?

    It's simple! Anyone you refer to Studio Arabiya that signs up using your unique referral code will receive $10 in

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  • When do I receive my account credit?

    You will receive your account credits after your referral completes 1 month of classes.

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  • Does my referral account expire?

    Referral accounts must be renewed on January 1 of every year, as terms change on a yearly basis.

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