Study Abroad FAQ

Study Abroad FAQ

What type of Accommodations do you provide?

Studio Arabiya is a unique institute in Egypt that provides accommodation on campus, so students save the time and hassle of everyday travel to and from classes.

Dorm Rooms: Our campus has dormitory halls in which house three - five dorm rooms, with each sharing a kitchen, two bathrooms, and some having a living space. Dorm rooms each have two beds, two closets, two desks and chairs. We provide options for shared dorm rooms and private dorm rooms. There are gender-specific dormitory halls for both females and for males.

Family Apartments (Limited Availability): Our 2-bedroom family apartments are perfect for families who want to live on campus. Availabilities are very limited, so please contact us for available apartments.

What are the tuition and fees I will need to pay?

Studio Arabiya's Study Abroad program is a very affordable program for students looking to come to Egypt to study. Our promotional base price is $299 per month and includes: full-time group classes, room & board (including all utilities), and use of the amenities on campus.

Custom packages are available upon request. Additional fees and expenses that should be considered are:

  • Food: a single person can eat for around $100 per month and up, depending on where you eat, how often you cook, etc.
  • Books and school supplies: students are required to purchase the books for their studies.
  • Book fees range from about $10 to $25 per book.
  • Transportation: transportation costs start at less than $1 per trip and increase, depending on the type of transportation used.
  • Airport Transportation: $25 per trip

When do the Group Classes start?

Studio Arabiya Institute has group classes starting throughout the year, so you can join when it's convenient for you! 

Group Classes can be joined ANY MONTH!

Private students may start classes at any time throughout the year.

I am an Azhari student, can I live on campus?

Yes, Studio Arabiya accepts Azhari students who want to live on campus while pursuing your studies at Al Azhar University.

What books are used in the Arabic program?

The main curriculum used in our intensive Arabic program is the Arabiya Bayna Yadayk series. Additional books are used throughout the program as supplements to help you obtain fluency in all aspects of the Arabic language.

When does the program start?

We accept students year-round and students can come to the institute at anytime.

Where is the Campus located?

Studio Arabiya's campus is located in a quiet, safe neighborhood in Al Mokattam, Cairo, Egypt. Al Mokattam was chosen as the location for our campus for a few different reasons. 1.) It is a very quiet and safe, away from the commotion of Cairo city life and possible protests. 2.) It is centrally-located, making traveling to Al Azhar University, tourist attractions, and other near-by areas of Cairo quick and easy. 3.) Being on top of a mountain and above the busy Cairo life, the surroundings of our campus and neighborhood are clean with less pollution than the rest of Cairo.

Is it safe to travel to and live in Egypt?

In general, Egypt is a safe country to visit. The location and nearby areas of Al Mokattam, where our campus is located, is a very safe and quiet area. Studio Arabiya has taken extra steps to ensure that all of our students are safe from the moment they step out of the airport.

Don't come without letter

No student should come to Egypt to attend Studio Arabiya Institute without a formal letter of acceptance.