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About Studio Arabiya

About Studio Arabiya

Studio Arabiya is the home of the premier Online Arabic and Quran Teaching Specialists. Whether a child or adult, beginner or advanced student, Studio Arabiya has specialized Arabic and Quran teachers for all ages and levels. With our online programs, learning Arabic is maximized at your convenience from the comfort of your own home. By using our innovative virtual classrooms, you will be able to see and hear your teacher as if you were sitting in the same classroom with them.

Al-Azhar Certification

Studio Arabiya's on-campus Qur'an Memorization program is licensed and supervised under Al-Azhar University.

Why is this important?

Al-Azhar University is a renowned Islamic university known for producing scholars throughout the present-time and history, and it is one of the oldest universities in the world. The university holds very high standards for education and, being supervised under Al Azhar University, Studio Arabiya Institute guarantees highly qualified educators and high quality education.

Faculty & Staff

Our instructors are all certified with degrees in Arabic or their respective fields from prestigious institutes such as the University of Al Azhar University and Dar al-Uloom. Whether the student is a child or an adult, our teachers are specifically assigned according to their specialties. All of our Arabic and Qur'an instructors are specially trained to teach non-Arabic speakers, so they are well prepared to help you achieve Arabic fluency.

At Studio Arabiya, our mission is to bring only the best instructors to our studio, whose knowledge, expertise and exceptional character far exceeds those of other online Arabic and Qur'an programs.

Our Mission

To bring the best Arabic and Qur'an instruction to those who seek it.

To offer the highest quality in online learning with the lowest online tuition prices.

To ensure that this opportunity is available to anyone who wants it.  No matter what.


Our Vision

We at Studio Arabiya have dedicated our lives to helping you achieve your goals in Arabic and Qur'an studies. 

We use our expertise and experience to find, train, and prepare the most qualified teachers in their fields to teach you.  They are specially chosen, not just because of their education or speaking abilities, but also because of their character, honesty, and integrity.

Studio Arabiya has always been committed to offering you low tuition prices, competitive with other online programs of the like.  We vision Studio Arabiya as the leading online source for one-on-one Arabic and Qur'an lessons with affordable rates for anyone who wants to learn.

Our policy is to accept anyone that wants to study Arabic or Qur'an, regardless of their financial status, cultural background, religion, etc.  We do not turn away anyone who is eager to learn.

Our Pledge to You

We pledge to provide you with the Highest Quality of Arabic and Qur’an lessons with the lowest tuition prices online.