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10 Quick & Easy Suhoor Ideas for Ramadan
Suhoor, or the meal early in the morning before beginning your fast, is a very important meal during Ramadan.  Muslims all around the world wake ...
Do You Want to Finally Understand Quran?
Ramadan comes and Ramadan goes with long nights of standing and reading or listening to the words of Allah. How many times have yo...
The Annual Project
We are often encouraged to divide Ramadan into blocks of ten-days to focus our efforts on a particular aspect, specifically mercy,...
A Ramadan Dua
One of the most beautiful Ramadan duas (supplications) we are taught by the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) is the following:Allahumma innak...
Al-Du`a Al-Mustajab: 24 Ways to an Accepted Supplication (Pt. II)
(Based on an article originally in Arabic that can be found here.) Read Part I of the translation here!   Part II 13. Take advantage of especially...
5 Easy and Fun Decorating Ideas for Ramadan
Decorating for Ramadan is a fun way to build the enthusiasm for the pending month-long Muslim holiday. Each country and culture has their own way to g...

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