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Are you tired of reading the Qur'an and not understanding much of what you are reading?

Do you often sit in a Khutbah and hear foreign words that you just don't understand?

Do you long to understand the language of the Qur'an?

Would you like your children to learn more Arabic & Qur'an than what they are getting in school?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Studio Arabiya Institute has your answer!

With our one-on-one classes, we offer a variety of Arabic and Qur'an courses that will surely propel you to learning more in a short amount of time! 

What Others are saying About Us

  • "Alhamdulillah I have had a wonderful time learning Arabic through Studio Arabiya. All of my instructors and the staff have been very helpful and cooperative." - Humaira K.
  • "Studio Arabiya has qualified teachers! I have been able to progress swiftly in Hifz due to my teacher's hard work and confidence in me. She also has a great teaching style. I am very greatful to have found a reliable Qur'an/Hifz source." - Sadia | Qur'an Student
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Program Benefits

Certified by Al Azhar University:

Studio Arabiya is Certified and Supervised by Al Azhar, ensuring the best quality teachers and education for YOU. 


We come to you online! All you need is a computer and Internet!  Take classes from home, from work, from school, from your car - ANYWHERE! 


Classes are one-on-one, so you have no one holding you back! Can't understand a lesson? No problem! Your teacher will take the extra time with you to make sure you learn it!

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Starting at ONLY $45/month, you will be learning Arabic or Qur'an in no time!!!

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