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Ijaazah Program

Ijaazah Program

Alhamdulillah, Studio Arabiya offers Ijaazah in the Qur'an with a strong Sanad to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The Ijaazah program is an extension…

Course Description:

Studio Arabiya offers a complete Ijaazah program in the Quran with a strong Sanad to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The Ijaazah program starts with the Quran Memorization and/or Tajweed course. Once you qualify, you can apply for the chance to read for your Ijaazah. We offer 2 kinds of Ijazaat: Reading and Memorization. Upon completing the Ijaazah program, you’ll receive a certificate from Studio Arabiya as well as the Ijaazah with Sanad from your scholar.

Who it is for:

The ijaazah program is for those who have studied and perfected their tajweed and memorization (if reading for an ijaazah in hifz). Students must meet the required level of tajweed before entering the program. A student who does not qualify will not be accepted into the ijaazah program until they are ready.

How it Works:

  • Before enrolling in the Ijaazah program, students must complete a live evaluation to qualify for the program.
  • Once accepted, student will go through our Ijaazah preparation course, in which the teacher will spend approximately 3 - 6 months making sure any mistakes found in the student's recitation are corrected.
  • Once the preparation course is completed, students will begin reading the Qur'an from beginning to end.
  • Once reading is completed, the Sheikh(a) will recommend or deny the student for receiving their Ijaazah. Note that reading through the Qur'an for the Sheikh does not guaranty that the student earned the Ijaazah in the end. The student may have to study and read again, correcting any mistakes from the previous readings.
  • If approved for an Ijaazah, a student may order their Ijaazah certificate.


    Ijaazah Fee:

  • Ijaazah: Tuition is $129/month
  • Ijaazah Certificate Fee: $500 one-time fee upon completion
  • Please contact customer support for information on the fee for the Ijaazah certificate and to sign up.