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Advanced Classical Texts

Advanced Classical Texts

Highly knowledgeable instructors, each one with extensive experience, possessing either higher education degrees or sought after U'lamaa (Scholars) in their own right…

Course Description:

This advanced course takes students through an in-depth study of advanced level Classical Arabic Texts (Turathi). You’ll study Arabic texts ranging from Shi'r (Poetry) to Adab (Literature), as well as intermediate grammatical text such as Al-Ajurumia and advanced explanation of Alfiya ibn Malik in its entirety. Taught by highly-knowledgeable and experienced instructors who possess higher education degrees or have sought after U'lamaa (Scholars) this course requires completion of a Language Competency Test, or completion of our Classical Arabic course.


Institute Course

  • Standard: $129/month | 10 hours per month of one-on-one classes
  • Intensive: $258/month | 20 hours per month of one-on-one classes

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