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Tuition Prices

$45 per month
1 hour per week
$99 per month
2.5 hours per week
$189 per month
5 hours per week
$189 per month
2.5 hrs. Arabic & Quran
$369 per month
10 hours per week


  • My teacher, Rabab, has been very accommodating. She helped me learn Arabic at my own pace and her English proficiency helped me learn faster. She is truly inspiring!
    Umm Ali

  • SubhanAllah! Before I joined Studio Arabiya I was embarrassed about my recitation. I had to take a breath after every letter! Since having been taught by Marwa alhumdulilah I can do whole ayas in a single breath and confidently read whole surahs! Doing these classes has helped renew my love for the Qur'an again alhumdulilah.
    Farah, London

  • Studio Arabiya is a great place to study. Classes are held on a one-on-one basis which allows students to move at their own pace. The teachers are very understanding and learned in their field.
    Abu Muawiyah, Minnesota

  • Alhumdulillah I really enjoyed the classes and benefited a lot from them! My teacher was amazing mashaa Allah, may Allah reward her and this institute with goodness in this life and the next, aameen!
    Aya, London

  • I take Quran, my teacher is amazing mashallah. It seems like he eats and dreams Quran/tajweed etc.
    Muaz, Illinois

  • Alhumdulillah, I enjoyed the sessions and found it to be a unique and enriching experience.
    Jalal, Republic of Mauritius

  • After a lot of research, I learned that Studio Arabiya is the BEST place for online Arabic and Qur'an courses.
    Umm Ali, Toronto

  • Heba is a wonderful Qur'an teacher. She always made sure I understand and learn from her. She always encouraged me to learn above and beyond my capacity which boosted my morale to learn more.
    Umm Ali

  • Rabab is wonderful, mashAllah.I feel she is a gentle, strong teacher, mashAllah and i feel very comfortable with her.
    Umm Ismail, Wisconsin

  • Thank you again for teaching me all this arabic :D Otherwise I wouldn't know anything! :)
    Sohail, Texas

  • I really enjoy my classes. They're really different from what I was used to with other (online) companies. It reminds me so much of my time I spent in Egypt at the Markaz.
    Umm Aminah, Illinois

  • Studio Arabiya has qualified teachers! I have been able to progress swiftly in Hifz due to my teacher's hard work and confidence in me. She also has a great teaching style. I am very greatful to have found a reliable Qur'an/Hifz source.
    Saadia, New York

  • It is one-on-one, prices are very good and the best part is that the teachers are Masters in their field.
    Zaid, Texas

  • The classes are really Great and my kids really enjoy them. You all are doing great work. Maashaallah!
    Tiffany, Illinois

  • It is an excellent site for learning Arabic and I ask Allah to reward you and keep you steadfast on his deen.
    Omar, Illinois

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Contact Studio Arabiya

USA: 682-2ARABIC (227-2242)
UK: +44203 239 7798