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by Shazia Ahmad

Outside of formal studies, there are lots of creative ways we can help our children develop a love and attachment to the Arabic language.  One of them is to surround them with fun, imaginative décor that includes Arabic letters and words.  Helping them to think about Arabic creatively, and making it something fun and interesting is a great way to open the doors towards future study.

Below are some of my favorite Arabic decorating ideas for young children’s rooms that I’ve come across on various blogs, Etsy, and – yep, you guessed it – Pinterest, the ultimate hub of creative ideas.  (Note that these are my own personal favorites, and I haven’t been paid by any of the companies mentioned below.)  Happy decorating :)


Waafia Goods & Stationary on Etsy has some adorable Arabic alphabet posters at a great price ($5!):

Arabic Poster Circle Waafia

Arabic Letters Poster by Waafia

Deep Sea Arabic Poster Waafia

Arabic Letters Poster by Waafia (Color: Deep Sea)

They seem to have lots of great style and color combinations, and even allow you to choose your own to go with your own color scheme.

Letter Garlands

I am in love with these Arabic letter garlands found via Pinterest, and think they’re perfect for a little reading nook.  An easy DIY version may be to cut the letters out of sturdy scrapbook paper or foam squares, and attach them to each other with ribbon.


Arabic Letter Garlands (via Pinterest)

Arabic Letter Wall

Arabic letter wall


Another great Pinterest find: this cute and creative Arabic Letter Wall.  The different types of frames and various textures and colors makes it so visually interesting, and something I think one can copy with on-sale frames and textured papers found at craft stores.

Arabic Wall Decals

Islamic wall decals seems to be a new trend, with some companies now coming out with designs geared specifically towards children’s rooms.  These two – by simplyimpressions and Zama Designs, respectively – are some of the nicest I’ve come across.

wall decal flowers etsy

Letter blossoms by simplyimpressions

‘Alif Baa Taa’ in mixed colors by Zama Designs

Decals are a nice, easy alternative to those of us who are more DIY-challenged, but can still bring something creative and fun to a child’s room.

Have you incorporated the Arabic language into your child’s decor?  Got some creative ideas?  Please share in the comments!



Shazia Ahmad was a student of Arabic and lived in Cairo, Egypt for many years and currently is active in her New York community. She regularly writes for SuhaibWebb.com and on her personal blog, Cairo Caprices.

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