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Reading Arabic made easy from Studio ArabiyaStudio Arabiya would like to proudly announce the introduction to our EXCLUSIVE Revolutionary Beginner’s Curriculum!  

Studio Arabiya’s new reading curriculum will be used for all new students who start from Level Zero.  The Fast Track to Reading Arabic, written and compiled by Imam John Graff, will help you begin reading within just a few lessons.

With approximately 90% of all words in the book coming from the Qur’an, and 50% of those coming from Juz ‘Amma (the 30th part), students will be able to read Arabic books and the Qur’an in no time!

A novel idea!  This is the way learning to read Arabic should be done!

What makes The Fast Track to Reading Arabic such a novel idea?

In The Fast Track to Reading Arabic, reading is presented with an approach never used before in teaching Arabic.  Students can expect to learn to read Arabic almost immediately, unlike other programs where it could take weeks or even months to grasp the skill of reading Arabic.  The Fast Track to Reading Arabic gives our students instant gratification in knowing that they can do this, and enables them almost immediately to read, and therefore progressing much faster into the upper levels of understanding the beauty of this amazing language.  This type of skill and care in the learning process is found ONLY at Studio Arabiya.

The Fast Track to Reading Arabic gives our students instant gratification in knowing that they can do this.

How did this idea come about?

No student, especially adults, want to spend months learning how to read.  The administration of Studio Arabiya, particularly Imam Graff, have been carefully assessing the progress patterns of beginning students learning to read Arabic.  The goal of our students is to understand Arabic and, for most, essentially to understand the Qur’an.  Before delving deep into the Arabic language, one obviously must learn the skill of reading it.  We noticed the flaw in systems used by other programs and we have remedied that flaw with our new curriculum.  Using The Fast Track, our students no longer have to spend months learning the ins and outs of reading Arabic – rather they feel a great accomplishment in their journey, as they learn the language while they learn the skill of reading.

We noticed the flaw in systems used by other programs and we have remedied that flaw with our new curriculum.

How long will it take until I can read Arabic?

Our students will be reading Arabic after just the first few lessons of The Fast Track to Reading Arabic.

How can I study from The Fast Track to Reading Arabic?

Currently, The Fast Track to Reading Arabic is exclusively taught from teachers of Studio Arabiya.  Begin learning Arabic with the Fast Track today!




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  1. I really want to learn to read arabic

  2. It looks like you have a great tool to assist others a quick and fun way to learn a new language!

  3. This sounds like a really good and quick way to learn a language!

  4. I really loved the background on how this idea came about. It’s so true! Learning to read another language can be frustrating. It sounds like this would be a great program to avoid all of that. :)

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    What a great tool!

  6. Learning a new language is so beneficial. And when it’s easy, even better!

  7. My Spanish is a little rusty, but would love to learn more languages. This looks like a great tool!

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